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Our expertise in the field of lighting and light technology is especially comprehensive. We develop, produce and source complete LED luminaires or individual components. Our employees' long-standing expertise in this industry is one of our core competencies.

astria lighting and light technology industries

All product adaptations and customer-specific developments take place in our design department. Our team of specialists has grown over the years, so now we offer services in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics, light technology and thermo-technology. There are practically no limits to their creativity in terms of developing individual solutions. We can advise you with respect to type, size, applications, materials and photometric properties, and will offer you design solutions in the form of a 3D visualization.

astria lighting and light technology industries

We will also carry out photometric testing and measurements in our dedicated lighting laboratory or with external specialists. Certification and testing to country-specific standards, such as DIN EN 60598-1, also fall within our remit, as does CE certification. Naturally we can do this on your behalf.

astria lighting and light technology industries

Our portfolio in the lighting field extends from individual components such as reflectors and lenses, taking in specific LED printed circuit boards, housing components and assemblies, through to complete products such as exterior and interior light fittings, recessed and pendant luminaires, plus track lights and bollard luminaires.

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